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3s Class Teacher

ryanI love teaching here at Providence Nursery School, the preschool both of my elementary aged sons attended. While my boys were at PNS I loved co-oping and all of the volunteer opportunities that allowed me to help in the classrooms and work with other families. My love of children’s books served me well as the PNS Librarian and I served on the Executive Board for two years. I am going on my fourth year as the Fours’ Teacher here at Providence and each year has been a fun, learning adventure for me!

In the last twenty years I have worked with children in a variety of settings, including daycare, after school programs and private tutoring. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders at the University of Virginia. I went on to receive my Masters of Education in Speech Language Pathology from UVA as well. During my graduate studies I earned a Practitioner’s Minor in Early Childhood Education and spent the majority of my practicum hours in pediatric settings including an inclusive preschool setting. I spent three years as a Speech Language Pathologist with Fairfax County Public Schools and my caseload included students in preschool classroom settings and in the preschool autism classes in addition to Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

I believe in learning through play with open ended activities that encourage exploration and imagination. I strive to create a responsive classroom that fosters mindful social-emotional growth and encourages children to take ownership in their relationships and responsibilities. In addition to a curriculum that supports pre-literacy and pre-math skills, I think rising Kindergarteners need a curriculum that supports transition skills, problem solving skills and social language skills. I hope to foster a sense of independence, resilience and achievement each day in each child in my classroom and most importantly, to have fun!